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Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor

There are very few people in this world that can talk about the failures in their lives with confidence. They are the people who have tasted success. They are the people who have learnt from their mistakes.

Reading “Arrrrr! Cap’n Eric be learnin’ about threadin’ the harrrrd way” can explain you how even The Great Programmers were once Mere Mortals, they were not born with their brain preprogrammed to code, they learnt here and are still learning from the mistakes they are doing.


Now, when I was a young swabbie seven years ago I was given the task of implementing the Scripting.Dictionary object, and I didn’t yet understand¬†all the stuff I just told you maties about threading.¬† In one build that was released to the public I accidentally marked the dictionary as Both, even though it is a Single Threaded Apartment object.

Keep Learning, Keep Coding J.

Julie & Julia

On 31st Dec 2012 I made a New Year resolution that I’ll be doing One new thing every Month that will be a new challenge in itself.

For first two months I’ve followed it religiously and with end of second month around the corner I was thinking about the task to pick up for next month. First task I chose was a test of my self-control, second one was aimed for improvement in interpersonal skills.

Now task I’ve chosen will target in improving technical knowledge and help me in understanding concepts of programming, hopefully make me better at what I suck at i.e. CODINGJ. It will stretch beyond the boundary of this month, it will test dedication and commitment. The motivation of this task came from the Movie Julie & Julia where Julie Powel started cooking each and every recipe that was available in Julia Child’s book. On same lines, I’ve thought of reading and trying each and every blog post published by Eric Lippert on his MSDN and personal blog.

I hope I’ll be able to fulfill this challenge and succeed in it better than I was for my previous tasks.