Using Entity List as oData Feed: Dynamics 365 Portal

In Dynamics 365 portals we have “Entity Lists” which can be used to display system view on Portal UI as grids/tables.

Other than above usage entity lists also provide flexibility to expose data as oData web services.

To setup oData scroll down on entity list record to “OData Feed” tab and enter the values of entity type name, entity set name and View.

Based on above configuration system will generate oData URL as https://<portalurl>/_odata/entity_set_name

To fetch the data from above oData service

  • Generate the oData URL.
  • Call oData service and get response.
  • Loop through the response to get the data.



In above code we are passing the account guid to oData as filter and getting list of active contacts tagged to that accounr.

oData service from entity list provide us with various query options like :

  • $filter –> to filter the results based on condition.
  • $orderby –> to sort the results
  • $top –> to get top n results
  • $skip –> to skip top n results.
  • $inlinecount –> to get count of records in the response.
  • $format –> to define the response type, options can be atom, json, jsonverbose.

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